Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI)

WHO Collaborating Centre for Tobacco Cessation and Respiratory Diseases Prevention

Tobacco Medicine and Tobacco Cessation Centre, Institute of Respiratory Medicine China-Japan Friendship Hospital

2 Yinghuayuan East Street, Chaoyang District 100029
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Head: Dr Chen Wang
Dr Dan Xiao

Terms of reference:

  • To strengthen national tobacco cessation system in line with WHO FCTC Article 14 guidelines worldwide, particularly in Asia Pacific Region.
    • To support countries in developing national tobacco cessation strategy and implementation plan.
    • To support countries in developing and updating national clinical tobacco cessation guideline, using China Clinical Smoking Cessation Guideline as a model.
    • To support countries in developing national comprehensive clinical tobacco cessation treatment system (Brief advice, tobacco cessation clinics, national quitline, mCessation, effective cessation medications and interventions on health facilities.)
  • To conduct training and educational activities to promote respiratory diseases prevention, management and tobacco control, especially among health professionals.
    • To promote brief advice integrated into primary care.
    • To conduct certified tobacco dependence treatment specialist program.
  • To act as a clearinghouse for the dissemination of WHO developed information on tobacco or health within China.

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