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WHO Collaborating Centres

A WHO collaborating centre is an institution designated by the Director-General of WHO to form part of an international collaborative network carrying out activities in support of the Organization’s programme at all levels.

Role of WHO collaborating centres:

  • contribute to implementing WHO’s programme priorities, in close coordination with the units concerned in WHO’s six Regional Offices and at headquarters;
  • strengthen institutional capacity in countries and regions.

Functions of WHO collaborating centres:

  • collection and dissemination of information;
  • standardization of terminology and nomenclature, of technology, of diagnostic, therapeutic and prophylactic substances, and of methods and procedures;
  • development, application and evaluation of appropriate technology;
  • provision of reference substances and of services such as quality assurance;
  • participation in collaborative research developed under WHO’s leadership, including the planning, conduct, monitoring and evaluation of research, and the promotion of the application of its results;
  • education and training, including research training;
  • coordination of activities carried out by several institutions on a given subject;
  • provision of information and advice on scientific, technical and policy issues.

For further details on WHO CCs, please refer to the website: WHO Collaborating Centres

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