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WHO Tobacco Free Initiative's global structure

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WHO Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI) is part of the Noncommunicable Diseases and Mental Health cluster at WHO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

Tobacco control advisers are based in WHO's regional offices for Africa, the Americas, the Eastern Mediterranean, Europe, South-East Asia and the Western Pacific, and in a handful of countries where the tobacco epidemic is particularly grave.

The headquarters staff, regional and country advisers (the TFI network) work closely to plan and implement all tobacco control activities.

The regional and country advisers, in turn, collaborate with WHO's country representatives and liaison officers to facilitate and advance WHO's tobacco control agenda.

WHO Tobacco Free Initiative headquarters

TFI headquarters is divided into the Director's Office and three separate units:

  • National Capacity Building, which helps countries to enhance their ability to resist the epidemic of tobacco and implement the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control
  • Comprehensive Information Systems for Tobacco Control, whose responsibilities encompass surveillance of the global tobacco epidemic
  • Tobacco Control Economics, which advises countries on taxation as an instrument of tobacco control policy and other economic policies to control tobacco

The Director's Office encompasses administration; communications; tobacco industry monitoring; regulation, legislation and enforcement; grants management; and coordination with external partners and advisers and with other United Nations organs.

WHO Tobacco Free Initiative in the Regions

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World No Tobacco Day 2017 cover
  • Tobacco threatens us all
    The brochure "Tobacco threatens us all", published for World No Tobacco Day 2017, describes how tobacco use has devastating health, social, environmental and economic consequences.

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