Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI)

Bloomberg Initiative Components

The Bloomberg donation will be used to fund activities to promote freedom from smoking, with special emphasis in 15 developing countries, where more than two thirds of the world's smokers live.

The initiative – coordinated by the five key partner organizations – will focus on the following four components:

  • Refine and optimize tobacco control programs to help smokers stop and prevent children from starting.
  • Support public sector efforts to pass and enforce key laws and implement effective policies, in particular to tax cigarettes, prevent smuggling, change the image of tobacco, and protect workers from exposure to other people’s smoke.
  • Support advocates’ efforts to educate communities about the harms of tobacco and to enhance tobacco control activities so as to help make the world tobacco-free.
  • Develop a rigorous system to monitor the status of global tobacco use.

Last update:

11 December 2010 11:15 CET