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Harmful effects of tobacco marketing and smoke on women and girls

08 June 2010 -- World No Tobacco Day 2010 draws particular attention to female smokers. Women and girls are a major target for the tobacco industry.

Fifth anniversary of the entry into force of the WHO FCTC

26 February 2010 -- The fifth anniversary of world’s first global public health treaty, the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control provides a time to reflect on its achievements.

Implementing smoke-free environments

11 December 2009 -- This episode focuses on the damage caused by second-hand smoke, and what some countries are doing to mitigate its harmful effects.

Tobacco packages must display pictorial warnings

2 June 2009 -- WHO is urging that governments require tobacco companies to put pictures on their products to make people aware of the sickness and suffering caused by tobacco use.

Does the electronic cigarette help smokers to quit smoking?

26 September 2008 -- WHO says there is no evidence that the electronic cigarette helps smokers to quit smoking. WHO this week asked manufacturers and marketers to stop their unproved therapy claims.

New funding to fight tobacco use in the developing world

28 July 2008 -- New funding announced to expand the fight against the growing use of tobacco products, specifically in the developing world.

New report on tobacco use and control efforts

11 February 2008 -- WHO releases the first comprehensive analysis of tobacco use and efforts to control the tobacco epidemic.

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World No Tobacco Day 2017 cover
  • Tobacco threatens us all
    The brochure "Tobacco threatens us all", published for World No Tobacco Day 2017, describes how tobacco use has devastating health, social, environmental and economic consequences.

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