Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI)

African tobacco control

Project activities

A Global Cooperation Team (GCT), whose members consist of WHO tobacco control advisers based at WHO headquarters and at the WHO Regional Office for Africa (AFRO), provides technical support for evidence-based tobacco control capacity and programmatic interventions (building on lessons learned from the Bloomberg Initiative) aimed at achieving objective 1.

A Capacity Development Team (CDT), based in the WHO country office in Uganda, pursues a bottom-up development of regional capacity building for country scale-up and replication (building on lessons learned from the GTZ-funded and WHO-facilitated HIV/AIDS Knowledge Hubs) to sustain the tobacco control interventions and support similar changes elsewhere.

The CDT is a specialized, focused team working hand-in-hand with the resource centre focused on Objective 2. The centre is hosted by a consortia led by the Makerere University School of Public Health in Kampala, Uganda. The centre approaches capacity development in a bottom-up fashion for scale-up and replication to achieve objective 2.

The centre's activities, initially conducted with the support of the two WHO teams, includes building and managing networks, training stakeholders, adapting normative guidance, providing direct technical assistance and mobilizing resources. Technical assistance includes both products (e.g., tobacco tax administration toolkits, graphic health warnings) and services (e.g., providing evidence, best practice examples and background for proven interventions like advertising bans and smoke-free laws).

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