Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI)

Tobacco taxation

Healthier people - healthier budgets

What do we do?

The WHO Tobacco Control Economics team works with countries through Ministries of Finance to strengthen their tobacco tax systems. The team also carries out research on tobacco economics and tobacco taxation, develops tools and manuals to support research and policy development and surveys tobacco taxation.

Country cooperation

We work with countries' Ministries of Finance to strengthen their technical and administration capacity so they can achieve:

  • Effective tobacco tax administration
  • Sustainable and higher tobacco tax revenues
  • Reduction of tobacco use and improved health in the population

Research and surveillance

We collect and analyze data on tobacco prices and taxes and develop research on the economics of tobacco control.

Tools development

We develop toolkits and manuals on taxation and the economics of tobacco control. The WHO TaXSiM, is used with Ministries of Finance to analyze their country's market and model the impact of different tobacco tax scenarios on price, consumption and revenue.