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WHO tobacco tax simulation model (TaXSiM)

About the WHO TaXSiM

The World Health Organization (WHO) has been working closely with many countries to examine the structure and dynamics of their tobacco markets, and to help implement better tobacco tax policy. This experience has led the economics team to develop the WHO Tobacco Tax Simulation Model (TaXSiM) to help countries with tax policy analysis, impact assessment and decision-making.

The model can be used to describe the current market and tax situation for domestically consumed cigarettes within a particular country or tax jurisdiction, and then to forecast the impact of tax changes on final consumer prices, annual consumption volumes, and tax revenues for the Government. A particular strength of the model is that is examines these outcomes closely on a brand-wise basis.

TaXSiM was also designed to reflect the wide range of different tax structures and systems in place on tobacco products throughout the world and as such it is a unique and innovative tool for countries to use. It will also be a valuable tool for other stakeholders who are interested in assessing the revenue and consumption impact of different tobacco tax policies.

The model available here is still a work-in-progress and as such it will be updated regularly. In particular, please note the current model is a “beta version” which has been released for testing on different computers and IT platforms. Please share with us any difficulties you have had downloading or using the model on your computer.

Download the WHO TaXSiM

To use the model, right click on the link and save it to a location onto your computer. Note Microsoft Excel 2003 or 2010 needs to have been properly installed in order for the model to function. It is not recommended that you left-click to open the model from the temporary file location it will be saved in, as the file may not work properly.

Once you have downloaded the model you will need to ensure the following Microsoft Excel set-up:

  • enable iterative calculation,
  • enable all macros,
  • enable trust access to the VBA project object model.

These set-up features are usually found in the “options” menu of Microsoft Excel. Please refer to a Microsoft Excel user guide for more information if necessary. Note the model may not function if Microsoft Excel has not been properly installed on your computer.

Last update:

24 January 2014 19:04 CET