Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI)

The first session of the Conference of the Parties to the
WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

Day 8 - Wed, 15 February

Today after a session of the 2 committees from 10:00 to 12:00 hs, the Plenary reconvened and adopted the rules of procedure and the financial rules by consensus.

Committee B reconvened the informal drafting group on the establishment of the permanent secretariat in order to reach a final version of the core elements. This will be issued on the morning of day 9.

TFI Lunch time seminar:

WHO/NCI Monograph on the Economics of Tobacco Control

The session was moderated by Dr Ayda Yurekli, Senior Economist, WHO/TFI. Ms Anne-Marie Perucic, Economist WHO/TFI first made a presentation describing the grounds behind the need to develop a new document on the economics of tobacco control, which would mainly focus on the new evidence in the area, particularly in the developing world.

Dr Yurekli then summarized the outline and structure of the planned WHO/NCI Monograph which aims at gathering existing and new evidence since the World Bank publication in 1999 on the economics of tobacco control.

The last presentation was made by Dr Arnab Acharya, Senior Lecturer in the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, which described the method used for estimating the cost of tobacco use in Bangladesh. The results of this study helped move forward the implementation of a Tobacco Control Legislation by the Parliament.

The audience agreed that economic evidence is needed in order to help move forward the implementation of tobacco control and the WHO FCTC and that the new planned publication will be very useful in this regard.

In the afternoon the Committees kept working on their respective assignments.

TFI Evening Seminar:


Stella Bialous
Tobacco Free Initiative
"Monitoring the Tobacco Industry: WHO’s role"

Dr Tânia Cavalcante
Division of Tobacco Control and Other Risk Factors, National Institutional of Cancer (INCA) - Ministry of Health Brazil
"Challenges on interactions between Governments and the Tobacco Industry"

Paula JohnsREDEH - Rede de Desenvolvimento Humano
"Corporate Social Responsibility – The New Face of the Tobacco Industry"

Kathryn Mulvey and Dorcas Wangechi Mwangi
Corporate Accountability International
"Challenging Tobacco Industry interference in WHO FCTC ratification and implementation"

Ross Hammond
"Tobacco Industry Attempts to Undermine the WHO FCTC"