Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI)

WHA23.32 Health Consequences of Smoking

The Twenty-third World Health Assembly,

    Having considered the report of the Director-General;

    Recalling the resolutions on this subject adopted by the Executive Board, the Directing Council of the Pan American Health Organization/Regional Committee for the Americas, and the Regional Committee for Europe;

    Conscious of the serious effects of smoking in promoting the development of pulmonary and cardiac disease, including bronchopulmonary cancer, chronic bronchitis, emphysema and ischaemic heart disease;

    Being aware that bronchopulmonary cancer is at present increasing in all countries of the world where records are available in a form which permits assessment;

    Holding that health agencies must now demonstrate their concern for the reduction of the main causal factor in diseases related to smoking; and

    Considering that smoking of tobacco during meetings may constitute a nuisance to non smokers,

    RESOLVES that:

(1) all those present at meetings of the Assembly and its committees be requested to refrain from smoking in the rooms where such meetings are held;

(2) the Director-General be requested:

(a) to consider the desirability of making the subject for World Health Day " The health consequences of smoking," on the earliest possible occasion;

(b) to call the attention of all Members and Associate Members to the report on limitation of smoking and to suggest that the advantages of applying the recommendations on pages 19 and 20 of that report1 should be considered in all countries;

(c) to consider convening an expert group to recommend further action that might be taken to discourage smoking;

(d) to examine to what extent and by what educational methods young people might be persuaded not to begin smoking;

(e) to bring to the attention of FAO the need for studying crop substitution in tobacco producing countries;

(f) to report to the Executive Board at its forty seventh session and to the Twenty fourth World Health Assembly on the action proposed and the financial consequences for the Organization.

Handb. Res., 10th ed., 1.7
Fourteenth plenary meeting, 19 May 1970 (Committee A, second report)

(1) For these recommendations, see " Smoking and health," reproduced in
    WHO Chronicle, 24, 365.