Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI)

WHA42.19 Tobacco or health

The Forty-second World Health Assembly, 

Recalling resolution WHA39.14 and resolution WHA41.25 requesting the Director-General to draw up a plan of action on tobacco or health for submission through the Programme Committee to the eighty-third session of the Executive Board; 

    Recognizing that the use of tobacco is responsible worldwide for more than two million premature deaths annually;

    Recalling that active efforts are needed to resolve the economic issues involved in reducing tobacco production;

     Concerned at the fact that, while tobacco consumption is decreasing in developed countries as a result of effective health promotion supported by appropriate legislation and regulations, the developing countries are registering increases in tobacco consumption;

    Reaffirming that the health services should clearly and unequivocally publicize the health risks connected with the use of tobacco and actively support all efforts to prevent the associated diseases;

1. THANKS the Director-General for having already accelerated implementation of the WHO programme on tobacco or health;

2. APPROVES the plan of action for the WHO programme on tobacco or health for 1988-1995 as proposed by the Director-General and endorsed by the Executive Board;

3. REQUESTS the Director-General:

(1) to continue to support this programme as outlined in the plan of action and to mobilize extrabudgetary funds for its implementation;

(2) to support national authorities, at their request, in taking measures to disseminate information on the health risks of tobacco, to promote life-styles without tobacco, and to control the promotion of tobacco consumption;

(3) to work, in close collaboration with national health authorities, with organizations of the United Nations system, and with relevant nongovernmental organizations in official relations with those organizations, to ensure that both health and economic aspects are fully taken into account; 

(4) to review the impact of tobacco production on the economy, environment and health of the populations in developing countries which depend upon tobacco production as a major source of income, and to report on this issue to the Forty-third World Health Assembly;

(5) to collaborate actively with FAO and other relevant United Nations agencies with a view to developing agricultural projects that demonstrate how crop substitution programmes can be implemented in countries whose economies depend heavily upon tobacco production and to encouraging such countries to implement these programmes; 

4. RESOLVES that each year 31 May shall be World No-Tobacco Day. 

Hbk Res., Vol. III (1st ed.), 1.11.4

(Twelfth plenary meeting, 17 May 1989 - Committee A, second report)