Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI)

Call for Expressions of Interest

The World Health Organization's Tobacco Free Initiative (WHO/TFI) is calling for Expressions of Interest from reputed and established not-for-profit institutions/organizations/consortia in Africa who are interested in acting as a Resource Center for implementing the WHO tobacco control policy change and capacity-building project in the WHO African Region ("the Project"), in line with the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. Background information on the project can be found on the WHO website The overall objectives of the Resource Center will be to build regional tobacco control capacity and provide technical assistance to African governments and other entities active in tobacco control in Africa. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) have provided WHO with approximately 3.5 million USD to support this Center over a period of 5 years.

Interested institutions/organizations/consortia are invited to submit an expression of interest to by 31 May 2010. Please note that WHO will not respond to individual queries related to this Call for Expressions of Interest.

Interested parties must:
  • not have any affiliation, funding ties or other relationships with the tobacco industry;
  • be based in the WHO African Region, in one of the countries that is Party to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control;
  • be recognized by the national government or accredited with the competent authority of the country or countries in which they are established, as an academic, research or service delivery institution for the health or social sector;
  • have strong support and commitment of the national government, at a minimum at the level of the Ministry of Health;
  • have experience and a proven track record in developing capacity for policy change and/or effective implementation and monitoring of programs in the health sector in Africa;
  • have the capacity to generate written materials, provide technical support and training (orally or in written format) in English and French, either directly or through partners and trusted sub-contractors. Capacity to adapt to Portuguese and other regional African languages would be an asset;
  • demonstrate willingness and capacity to implement and expand the Resource Center over the next 5 years and beyond. This must include the ability to:

    • access additional financial and technical resources, through donor support; and
    • create saleable products (e.g., technical manuals or training series) that can be a source of revenue for sustaining the Center.

  • be able to demonstrate capacity for and have an organizational culture conducive to intercountry work and recruitment of personnel with relevant skills from any part of Africa;
  • offer a conducive work environment that will attract highly qualified staff from all parts of Africa;
  • have access to good infrastructure (telecommunications, transport and other) to conduct cross-country work, both virtually and in person;
  • demonstrate sound financial standing and management, including accounting practices;
  • demonstrate transparent business practices, including performance management, open to review by an external management consulting firm selected by WHO.

Experience in mainstreaming tobacco control and other NCD risk factors into the health delivery system, and the Cancer Control, TB and HIV-AIDS control programs would be an asset.

Only institutions/organizations/consortia capable of demonstrating that they meet the above mentioned requirements will be considered. In addition, expressions of interest will need to include information and documentation on:

  • the status, structure and main activities of the institution/organization/consortium partners;
  • a copy of the annual accounts over the last five years;
  • other records demonstrating sound financial standing and management;
  • the institution/organization/consortium's capability and willingness to commit adequate financial and other resources to the project over the next five years and beyond;
  • all other information and documentation needed to demonstrate responsiveness to the requirements of this call for Expressions of Interest.

Interested institutions/organizations/consortia are invited to submit their expressions of interest to WHO/TFI by 31 May 2010 at the latest, addressed as indicated in the box below.

Incomplete expressions of interest and expressions of interest submitted after the deadline will, in principle, be disregarded (unless WHO, in its sole discretion, decides otherwise in respect of any such incomplete or late application).

WHO reserves the right to freely decide on the selection of those institutions/organizations/consortia who will be invited for further discussions and/or for the submission of the full Project proposal, in WHO's sole discretion, and without having to provide any justification to institutions/organizations/consortia who will not be so invited. WHO further reserves the right not to follow up on any expression of interest at all.

WHO may request interested institutions/organizations/consortia to submit further information and documentation. Any request for further information and documentation and any invitation for further discussions and/or for the submission of a full Project proposal will be exploratory only, to evaluate the merits of a possible collaboration. Such discussions may be subject to appropriate safeguards of confidentiality.

WHO will advise all institutions/organizations/consortia who have submitted an expression of interest, whether or not they will be invited for further discussions and/or for the submission of a full Project proposal. However, no explanation for the selection or rejection of any expression of interest will be provided, and the selection process will not be subject to any claims or appeal. WHO will not in any circumstances reimburse any costs or expenses associated with the submission of an expression of interest (including possible complementary information and documentation), nor any costs associated with possible further discussions and/or the possible submission of a full Project proposal. The submission and selection process set forth in this document will not be subject to claims for financial compensation of any kind whatsoever

As noted above, the deadline for the receipt of applications is 31 May 2010.


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