Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI)

Databases in other WHO departments

Morbidity and mortality data

  • WHO Statistical Information System
    The WHO Statistical Information System is the guide to health and health-related epidemiological and statistical information available from the World Health Organization. Statistical information from most WHO technical programmes can be linked from here. Data is available under the categories: Core health indicators; statistics by country or region; statistics by topic; burden of disease statistics. It also gives links to other sources of health related information. There is also the possibility to search by keywords within the WHOSIS or throughout the entire WHO site.
  • CancerMondial
    This website provides access to information on the occurrence of cancer world-wide held by the Unit of Descriptive Epidemiology at the International Agency for Research on Cancer. The aim of this project is to provide online access to data on the incidence, prevalence, survival and mortality of cancer held by the IARC Unit of Descriptive Epidemiology. The target audience is mainly cancer researchers, but the information provided will be useful to others with an interest in cancer, including clinicians, public health professionals, health communicators, market researchers and cancer patients themselves. This project is a joint initiative of IARC and the European Commission, through the European Network of Cancer Registries. The scope of information available at this website will be gradually increased. An interface will be developed to allow the user to make highly specified queries based on combinations of populations (countries or regions), sex, age, types of cancer and outcome (eg numbers of new cases, prevalence or mortality rates). Eventually, detailed queries will be dynamically linked with other kinds of information such as scientific articles on risk factors for the cancer of concern, or treatment protocols currently in use.

Prevalence data

  • WHO Global NCD Infobase Online
    The WHO Global InfoBase, and the SuRF report that comes from it, represent the first steps in building better quality Non-Communicable Disease risk factor data by displaying the country-level data that currently exists. This data will subsequently be used to develop estimates of national prevalence for each risk factor and Member State. There are two different ways you can search for tobacco related information on the NCD InfoBase Online: 1) The Country Profiles search allows you to define the country and risk factor of interest-tobacco. This will return a list of all information in the database related to the chosen country and tobacco. 2) A more refined search is available, the Advanced Search which allows you to refine the search to your specifications. You can search by specific criteria related to your needs, such as selecting only national studies.