Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI)

WHO Tobacco Laboratory Network (TobLabNet)

Governance Structure

TobLabNet has a Steering Committee comprised of principal collaborators that coordinate the work of TobLabNet and provide oversight of major network activities. This group is responsible for developing and implementing protocols, designs, and operations and is composed of representatives of the founding organizations, the chairs of the different committees and representatives of developing countries and independent labs. The Executive Committee of the Steering Committee consisting of the chair, vice-chair, liaison with TobReg, TFI Program Director (or designated focal point), and Secretariat meets on a regular basis and provides broad leadership direction for the overall organization. One of the TobLabNet committees is the Research Advisory Committee, which liaises with the WHO TobReg to ensure that the work is synchronized and synergistic with WHO's global tobacco control programme in general and with WHO's tobacco product regulation work in particular.