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WHO Study Group on Tobacco Product Regulation (TobReg)

The WHO TobReg was previously known as the Scientific Advisory Committee on Tobacco Product Regulation (SACTob). Former SACTob was established by the World Health Organization and held its first meeting in October 2000. The committee was initially composed of national and international experts with background on product regulation, tobacco dependence treatment, and laboratory analysis of tobacco ingredients and emissions. Product regulation agencies representatives and advocates were also part of the committee. The original objective of SACTob was to advise WHO about scientifically sound recommendations to Member States addressing the most effective and evidence-based means in order to fill regulatory gaps in tobacco control and achieve a coordinated regulatory framework for tobacco products.

In November 2003, the Director-General formalized the status of former SACTob from a scientific advisory committee to a study group. The group is now called the WHO Study Group on Tobacco Product Regulation (TobReg). The Director-General reports to the Executive Board on the meeting results and recommendations of the Study Group in order to draw the attention of Member States to WHO’s efforts in tobacco product regulation, which is a novel and complex area of tobacco control. The TobReg membership is drawn from scientists in the fields of product regulation and laboratory analysis of tobacco contents, emissions, and design features. The major objectives of TobReg are the original objectives of the SACTob.

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