Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI)


Key recommendations emerged from this conference.

  • All countries need to introduce comprehensive tobacco control policies and strategies along the lines of those recommended by WHO.
  • Governments are urged, individually and at a regional level, to take actions to:
    • evaluate and implement the most effective ways to achieve a unified regulatory framework for nicotine delivery products;
    • ban the use of misleading descriptors; develop alternatives to the International Organization for Standards/Federal Trade Commission (ISO/FTC) testing methods;
    • require tobacco products manufacturers to disclose the contents and effects of constituents in all of their products;
    • give urgent priority to studying the implications for harm reduction of reducing levels of nicotine and other possible addictive constituents;
    • give greater attention to increasing public access to the range of methods of treating tobacco dependence; and
    • develop and implement a comprehensive long-term communication programme to accompany these actions.
  • Support global tobacco-control research needs, and within such a plan stress the importance of providing support to developing countries to pursue research in the area of product regulation.
  • Establish under the auspices of WHO an international expert group on tobacco and nicotine delivery devices, and to ensure that issues related to tobacco product regulation are incorporated into the WHO FCTC and related protocols.

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