Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI)

Tobacco industry monitoring database

This database contains articles in English that is continuously populated through publicly available Internet resources, mainly news outlets, wire services and news releases.

It includes articles related to the tobacco industry and groups and individuals that operate to advance goals that benefit the tobacco industry’s interests. Whenever possible, preference is given to the inclusion of articles that contain quotations from, or specific references to, tobacco industry representatives or tobacco industry representatives declining to comment. In some cases, analysis of the tobacco industry in a certain country or region is included, particularly for areas where direct quotations are not as easily found in the English-language publicly available sources.

This database is not a comprehensive collection of all tobacco industry-related articles in English, but a sample of such articles. Additional resources on tobacco industry monitoring activities can be found through various academic, advocacy and news sources.

Limitations: Articles are limited to the English language. Thus, they tend to be weighted heavily towards articles from countries where English is the native language. Due to copyright restrictions, search results are limited to a defined number of lines from each article. The link for the full text of the articles are often no longer available. In these cases, a search of the original source archives is recommended. This database will include such news if there is an industry-related response that is publicly available. Similarly, this database does not include the vast array of research and advocacy publications focused on tobacco industry activities unless there are press accounts of such publications, preferably with an industry-related response.