Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI)

WHO Tobacco Laboratory Network (TobLabNet)

Proposed Activities

TobLabNet will carry out collaborative activities aimed at meeting the goals of the organization as given above. These activities include:

  • Provide remedial support for laboratory staff to improve current capabilities to meet testing requirements.
  • Develop a method compendium for use by laboratories seeking to expand their capabilities for analysis of tobacco products and emissions.
  • Train laboratory staff in new analytical methodologies using experts experienced in a wide range of analysis methods and techniques.
  • Develop common materials for standardization, proficiency testing, and quality control to provide better consistency of results.
  • Identify best laboratory practices so that more reliable laboratory information can be generated for research and regulation.
  • Test new methods using multiple laboratories to determine ruggedness and applicability under widely varying infrastructures.
  • Carry out projects for analyzing, evaluating, and comparing global and regional tobacco products and emissions.
  • Perform collaborative research on improving methods for tobacco and smoke testing, better understanding product use, and the impact of different products on biomarkers of exposure and adverse health effects.
  • Provide access to world-wide expertise in laboratory techniques, instrumentation, product and smoke analysis methods, product regulation, toxicology and addiction.
  • Provide means for electronic communications within the network for accessing information and sharing expertise.