Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI)

WHO Tobacco Laboratory Network (TobLabNet)


The criteria to be applied in the selection of laboratories for designation as a TobLabNet collaborator are as follows:

  • the place the institution occupies in the country's health, scientific or educational structures;
  • evidence of work in conjunction with the tobacco control community active within that country or geographic region;
  • not be unduly influenced by relationships with organizations or entities with a significant financial stake in the outcome of the measurements;
  • the quality of its scientific and technical leadership, and the number and qualifications of its staff;
  • the institution's ability, capacity and readiness to contribute, individually and within networks, to TobLabNet program activities;
  • experience with tobacco product testing or research or demonstrable intent to obtain capacity for tobacco product testing or research, e.g., commitment to train personnel and upgrade equipment;
  • the institution's prospective stability in terms of personnel, activity and funding;
  • the technical and geographical relevance of the institution and its activities to TobLabNet program priorities;
  • the working relationship which the institution has developed with other institutions in the country, as well as the at the inter-country, regional and global levels; and,
  • the scientific and technical standing of the institution concerned at the national and international levels.