Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI)

WHO Tobacco Laboratory Network (TobLabNet)

Technical Requirements for Inclusion as a Testing Member

In order to fully participate in TobLabNet activities, laboratories must be capable of participating in technical activities. The activities listed here ensure that laboratories have developed minimal capabilities for analyzing tobacco products. One of the primary goals for TobLabNet is to expand these capabilities into measuring more specific toxic, carcinogenic, and addictive agents in tobacco products and smoke.

  • Cigarettes: capability for measuring tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide (TNCO) in the mainstream of cigarette smoke according to determined quality standards within a given time period.
  • Smokeless tobacco: capability for measuring nicotine and pH (free nicotine) according to determined quality standards within given time period.
  • Participate in ongoing quality control protocol.
  • Willingness to work towards meeting the ISO 17025 standard.