Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI)

Projects on mobile health (mHealth) for tobacco control


Purpose: This project will help countries strengthen their smoke-free policies by reinforcing compliance and enforcement.

Target groups: Governments, civil society, private sector and general public.

Methods: The project is based on the use of Geo Tagging (using GPS to add geographical data to various media) and will send out signals to cell phones when people enter buildings.

Impact: Reduction in the burden of direct and second-hand smoke effects. Information on social norms related to tobacco use.


Purpose: This project will develop cost effective, personalized and interactive cessation tools using SMS and smart phone applications.

Target groups: Governments, corporate sector, general public.

Methods: mCessation tool is a structured intervention tailored to cultural, gender and age needs which will use mobile phones to send motivational messages and provide behavioural-change support to tobacco users willing to quit.

Impact: Increase in quit rates. Increase in motivation to quit.


Purpose: This project will create applications and models using technology for social networks in order to educate and raise awareness.

Target groups: General public especially children, youth and women.

Methods: SMS messages linked to social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter, etc.

Impact: Change in social norms among target groups about the dangers of tobacco use. Awareness building leading to higher motivation or intention to quit. General awareness building.


Purpose: This project will create applications using new media to train different stakeholders and equip them with the necessary knowledge and resources to counsel patients and help them quit tobacco.

Target groups: Doctors, dentists, nurses, health care professionals and teachers.

Methods: Use SMS technology, networks and smart phone applications to offer training packages in the area of cessation counseling.

Impact: Increased access to training material on the dangers of smoking and quitting.


Purpose: This project will develop applications to support and create alternative livelihood options for tobacco farmers and workers.

Target groups: Tobacco farmers and tobacco workers.

Methods: The existing mAgriculture initiatives already demonstrate the effectiveness of new media interventions. This project will help build knowledge and training about alternative cropping and livelihoods.

Impact: Diversification away from tobacco farming. Decrease in resources for tobacco products.


Purpose:This project will develop applications to assist enforcement officials to detect illicit trade of tobacco products.

Target groups: Governments and enforcement officials.

Methods: The development of tools to use mobile phones to read and interpret bar codes on tobacco product packs for tracking and tracing purposes.

Impact: Prevention and detection of illicit trade of tobacco products including counterfeits, etc. Impact on organized crime networks.