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Tobacco use knowledge summaries: tobacco use and dementia

8 July 2014 -- This document is the first in a series of tobacco use knowledge summaries. This document is prepared with the objective to summarize the current evidence on this topic (tobacco use includes smoked tobacco, smokeless tobacco and exposure to second-hand smoke).

This knowledge summary was prepared by World Health Organization in collaboration with Alzheimer’s Disease International.

Training for tobacco quit line counsellors: telephone counselling

17 June 2014 -- This training package is based on empirical evidence, best practices and over 20 years of clinical experience in delivering quit line services. It is primarily intended to serve as comprehensive initial training for new quit line counsellors in low- and middle-income countries. It can also be used for periodic refresher training for current quit line counsellors to ensure that they maintain proficiency and to enhance their skills for telephone counselling.

Raising tax on tobacco: what you need to know

29 May 2014 -- Raising taxes on tobacco is the most effective policy to reduce tobacco use. It is also the most cost-effective. This short brochure gives examples of how countries including France, the Philippines and Turkey have successfully introduced strong tobacco tax policies. It also breaks down the myths spread by the tobacco industry about the impact of tobacco tax increases. Lastly, it lists what WHO recommends for further progress towards more widespread strong tobacco tax policies.

MPOWER in action

MPOWER in action - Defeating the global tobacco epidemic

23 December 2013 -- WHO publishes its updated MPOWER brochure. This brochure charts MPOWER’s journey to defeat the Global Tobacco Epidemic from 2007 to 2013. It sets out some examples of country successes and shows how, with the support of key partners and donors, MPOWER is having successes on the ground and showing impact.

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