Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI)


Latest publication

  • Smoke-free movies: from evidence to action - third edition
    This document summarizes current knowledge about smoking in films as well as current and proposed approaches to reduce the impact of such imagery. The report’s aim is to help countries understand the basis for taking action to limit the depiction of smoking in films. This can help the Parties to the WHO FCTC in implementing specific recommendations on smoking in films in the Article 13 guidelines.


  • Smoke-free movies: from evidence to action - second edition
    WHO releases the second edition of the smoke-free movies report. It underlines the fact that, in some countries, many of the youth-rated films that contain tobacco imagery are the recipients of significant government production subsidies.


  • Smoke-free movies: from evidence to action - first edition
    The report recommends that all future movies with scenes of smoking should be given an adult rating, with the possible exception of movies that reflect the dangers of tobacco use or that depict smoking by a historical figure who smoked.