Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI)

Mayo report on addressing the worldwide tobacco epidemic through effective, evidence-based treatment

Report of an expert meeting, March 1999, Rochester (Minnesota) USA


In 1999, WHO convened a meeting of experts from developed and developing countries at the Mayo Clinic Nicotine Dependence Centre in Rochester, Minnesota, USA. The objective of this meeting was to prepare a statement on the treatment of tobacco dependence based upon the best available scientific information at that time. The experts recommended that Governments and health professionals could reduce the likelihood of tobacco-related diseases by doing the following:

  • Make treatment a public health priority
  • Make treatment available
  • Assess and monitor tobacco use and provide proven treatments
  • Set an example for peers and patients by ceasing tobacco use
  • Fund effective treatment
  • Motivate tobacco users to quit
  • Monitor and regulate tobacco processing, marketing, and sales
  • Develop new treatments.

The following report summarizes the group's findings. The subheadings in sections II and III represent its main conclusions and recommendations.