Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI)

The tobacco atlas (first edition, 2002)

The Tobacco Atlas is intended for anyone concerned with personal or political health, governance, politics, economics, big business, corporate behaviour, smuggling, tax, religion, internet, allocation of resources, human development and the future. It will be useful for UN agencies, governments and politicians, health officials, the media, researchers, universities, schools, and the general public. The atlas includes full-colour world maps and graphics, revealing similarities and differences between countries, on the history of tobacco, different types of tobacco use, prevalence and consumption, youth smoking, the economics of tobacco, farming and manufacturing, smuggling, the tobacco industry, promotion, profits, trade, smokers' rights, legislative action such as smoke-free areas, bans on tobacco advertising, health warnings, quitting, the effect of price and taxation, litigation and the future of the epidemic. This book illustrates, in an accessible and creative format, how tobacco is not just a simple health issue, but involves economics, big business, politics, trade, litigation, deceit and crimes such as smuggling. The atlas also shows the importance of a multifaceted approach to reducing the epidemic by WHO, other UN agencies, NGOs, the private sector and, in fact, the whole of civil society.

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Front matter

  • Front matter
    pdf, 1.70Mb

    Foreword, Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland, Director-General, World Health Organization; preface; acknowledgments; photo credits; about the authors

Part one: prevalence and health

  • Types of tobacco use
    pdf, 899kb

    Different forms of smoking and other forms of tobacco, including cigarettes, pipes, bidis, kreteks.
  • Male smoking
    pdf, 1.96Mb

    Smoking prevalence among men. Trends in selected countries. Smoking among physicians. Top 10 countries. Tobacco industry quote.
  • Female smoking
    pdf, 1.71Mb

    Smoking prevalence among women. Trends in selected countries. Where women smoke as much as men. Where men smoke ten times as much as women. Tobacco industry quote.
  • Youth
    pdf, 1.25Mb

    Tobacco use prevalence among male and female youth. Passive smoking. Youth perception of smoking. Tobacco industry quotes.
  • Cigarette consumption
    pdf, 578kb

    Annual cigarette consumption per person. Top 5 countries. Global increases from 1880 to 2000. Increases in the average number of cigarettes smoked in China between 1952 and 1996.
  • Health risks
    pdf, 633kb

    How smoking harms you. Smoking in pregnancy. Deadly chemicals. Proportion of lung cancer, COPD and ischaemic heart disease. Tobacco industry quotes.
  • Passive smoking
    pdf, 647kb

    Harm caused by passive smoking. Children exposed to passive smoking. Numbers affected by passive smoking. Tobacco industry quotes.
  • Deaths
    pdf, 1.23Mb

    Deaths from tobacco use in men and women. Dying in your prime: 35- to 69-year-olds who die from tobacco. Past and future deaths from tobacco: 1950 to 2030. Deaths in developed and developing countries. Number of people alive today who will eventually die from tobacco. Tobacco industry quote.

Part two: the costs of tobacco

  • Costs to the economy
    pdf, 1.41Mb

    Health care costs attributable to tobacco. Working days lost due to tobacco. Costs of fires and litter collection. Tobacco industry quotes.
  • Costs to the smoker
    pdf, 1.34Mb

    Cost of a pack of Marlboro cigarettes or equivalent international brand. Minutes of labour worked to buy a packet of cigarettes. The cost of a pack of Marlboro cigarettes or equivalent international brand compared with food or clothing.

Part three: the tobacco trade

  • Growing tobacco
    pdf, 746kb

    Land devoted to growing tobacco by country. Leading producers of tobacco leaves. Deforestation due to tobacco.
  • Manufacturing tobacco
    pdf, 711kb

    Number of tobacco workers by country. Where the tobacco dollar goes. Less tobacco per cigarette. Additives.
  • Tobacco companies
    pdf, 821kb

    Leading manufacturers by country. The Big Five: revenue and market share of leading transnational tobacco companies. Tobacco industry quote.
  • Tobacco trade
    pdf, 995kb

    Cigarette exports by country. Top 10 cigarette importers. Top 10 leaf importers and exporters. US import and export of tobacco leaves and cigarettes.
  • Smuggling
    pdf, 1.02Mb

    Estimated smuggled cigarettes as a percentage of domestic sales. Major recent or current smuggling routes. Global smuggling. Tackling tobacco smuggling in the UK: projected percentage of market share if action is or is not taken. Lost revenue in EU. Tobacco industry quote.

Part four: promotion

  • Tobacco industry promotion
    pdf, 779kb

    Most popular cigarette brand by country. World’s most popular brands. How the advertising dollar is spent in the USA. Changes in cigarette marketing expenditure. Tobacco industry quote.
  • Internet sales
    pdf, 608kb

    Internet sales. Internet search for sites. Internet cigarette vendors in the USA. Test ordering from 12 websites. HM Customs and Excise quote. User comment posted on website.
  • Politics
    pdf, 857kb

    Buying influence: expenditure on lobbying in the USA. Buying favours: tobacco companies’ contributions to federal candidates in the USA. Tobacco industry quotes.
  • Smokers' rights organizations
    pdf, 1.84Mb

    Location of smokers’ rights groups worldwide. Tobacco industry quotes.
  • Tobacco industry documents
    pdf, 1.20Mb

    Number of documents found on the Legacy website by country. Tobacco industry quotes.

Part five: taking action

  • Research
    pdf, 786kb

    Global Youth Tobacco Surveys completed by country. Current foundation grant recipients. Comparative National Institute of Health expenditure on tobacco compared with other health problems. Published research: PubMed search for tobacco compared with other journal topics. Journals devoted to tobacco control.
  • Tobacco control organisations
    pdf, 450kb

    WHO, international and regional tobacco control organisations. Locations of all World Conferences. Tobacco industry quote.
  • Legislation: smoke-free areas
    pdf, 972kb

    Where smoking is prohibited or restricted in some areas at work, and where employers voluntarily prohibit or restrict smoking. Sales before and after smoking bans in restaurants and bars in California. Nicotine concentration in public places in Barcelona, Spain. The cost of workplace smoking. Tobacco industry quote.
  • Legislation: advertising bans
    pdf, 948kb

    Increases and decreases in adult cigarette consumption, and countries with comprehensive advertising bans in the same period. Effect of advertising bans. Tobacco industry quotes.
  • Legislation: health warnings
    pdf, 747kb

    Where health warnings are required by law. Impact on smokers of Canadian warnings. Public support for visible health warnings. Tobacco industry quote.
  • Health education
    pdf, 783kb

    World No Tobacco Day: participating countries, and themes from 1988 to 2002. Quit & Win campaigns. Tobacco industry quotes.
  • Quitting
    pdf, 483kb

    Percentages of ex-smokers. Quitting calendar: the benefits of stopping smoking. Effects on deaths if smokers quit. Effect of smoking restrictions at home and at work. Impact of interventions on quitting.
  • Price policy
    pdf, 1.57Mb

    Tobacco tax as a proportion of cigarette price. Cigarette price increases compared with consumption in the UK. Government income from tobacco. Cigarette tax as a proportion of price in the USA. Tobacco industry quote.
  • Litigation
    pdf, 994kb

    Legal action against the tobacco industry: personal injury, public interest, non-smokers’ and government lawsuits. Cases brought by the tobacco industry. Smuggling litigation. Tobacco industry quote.
  • Projections by industry
    pdf, 695kb

    Projected rates of growth and decline of tobacco consumption by country 1998-2008. Regional projections.
  • The future
    pdf, 106kb

    Epidemiology, health, economics, the tobacco industry, action taken projected to 2050.

Part six: world tables

  • Table A: the demographics of tobacco
    pdf, 94kb

    Population. Adult prevalence. Youth smoking. Youth exposed to passive smoking. Cigarette consumption. Quitting.
  • Table B: the business of tobacco
    pdf, 104kb

    Land area devoted to growing tobacco; quantity produced. Number of tobacco workers; number of cigarettes manufactured. Cigarette imports and exports; tobacco leaf imports and exports. Cost of a pack of Malboro cigarettes or equivalent international brand; minutes of labour needed to buy a pack of cigarettes. Tax as a proportion of cigarette price; tobacco tax revenues as a percentage of total tax revenue. Tobacco industry documents.

Back matter