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Monitoring the tobacco industry

Understanding the tobacco industry's practices is crucial for the success of tobacco control policies. In recognition of this reality, TFI, following WHO's Member States' mandate, is monitoring and drawing global attention to the activities and practices of the tobacco industry. It does so in conformity with the call of the WHA Resolution 54.18 and also the text of the WHO FCTC, where it asks countries to remain:"… alert to any efforts by the tobacco industry to undermine or subvert tobacco control efforts and the need to be informed of activities of the tobacco industry that have a negative impact on tobacco control efforts…"

Resolution 54.18

During the 54th World Health Assembly in May 2001, WHO’s Member States unanimously adopted a resolution calling for transparency in tobacco control. This was a response to their concerns about the fact that the tobacco industry had been operating for years with the express intention of subverting the role of governments and of WHO in implementing public health policies to combat the tobacco epidemic.

Tobacco Industry Monitoring Reports

With the view of keeping Member States and other partners informed, TFI monitors tobacco industry activities on a monthly basis . These monthly reports are compiled from publicly available sources and include excerpts of news appeared on the media.

Reports and publications

Several reports published by TFI analyze different aspects of the industry's strategies, including the contradictions between the industry's social corporate programmes and the reality of their business activities with the consequent impact on health and economies.

Latest publications

World No Tobacco Day 2017 cover
  • Tobacco threatens us all
    The brochure "Tobacco threatens us all", published for World No Tobacco Day 2017, describes how tobacco use has devastating health, social, environmental and economic consequences.

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