Break The Tobacco Marketing Net

Sports Events

  • The more tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship that young people see and hear, the more likely they are to become tobacco users.
  • Tobacco-sponsored sports on television have the same impact on children as tobacco advertisements.
  • While many countries have partial bans on tobacco marketing, they often do not include the sponsorship of sport events, which are very attractive to young people.
  • In many countries, Formula One racing - one of the world's most watched sports events - stopped featuring tobacco brands on cars, drivers’ gear and race tracks following the implementation of bans on all forms of tobacco sponsorship.
  • Multiple year contracts are signed with sports team and top ranking players. In India, the National Cricket Team has ended its association with a major tobacco company, which was for many years the team’s sponsor.
  • Since the first smoke-free Calgary Winter Olympics in 1988, the International Olympic Committee has refused sponsorship and publicity from the tobacco industry.
  • One of the most effective ways countries can protect the health of their people, especially youth, is to ban all forms of tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship.


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