Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI)

List of World No Tobacco Day awardees - 2005

SEARO nominations

1. Professor (Dr) Rama Kant- India

Professor Rama Kant is a surgeon and has been involved in anti-tobacco activities through his active participation in a number of anti-tobacco organizations. He has been deeply involved in regular monthly daylong on-site counseling and tobacco de-addiction in tobacco cessation clinics, mobilizing children and youth to refrain from tobacco use and acting as instruments for tobacco cessation in their families.

2. Indonesian Heart Foundation- Indonesia

This foundation is run and managed by health professionals (cardiologist and cardiac surgeons. The foundation is involved in prevention of heart diseases by encouraging patients, members of the foundation and the general public as a whole through their awareness creation activities to stop smoking. The foundation is also involved in developing anti-tobacco measures, policies, including, develop tobacco free zones at schools in 8 provinces involving 10,000 students in collaboration with WHO and Ministry of Health, Indonesia.

3. Dr Nyo Nyo Kyaing- Myanmar

Dr Kyaing is a dynamic health manager in the Ministry of Health, Myanmar. Being herself a health professional holding the position of national focal point for tobacco control, she is coordinating the health professional organizations and groups in tobacco control activities. She is deeply engaged in involving various health professional groups in anti-tobacco programmes. Awarding her the WNTD Award 2005, will greatly facilitate the involvement of health professionals in tobacco control activities in Myanmar.

4. Mr Sanchai Tulabordee- Thailand

Mr Tulabordee has been in charge of Non-Smoking programme since 1991. In this capacity, he organized various health professional groups to be involved in anti-smoking campaign and activities. He also organized non-smoking rally. He worked as trainer for Non-Smoking Project that involved health professionals in the Institute of Smoking Control, Ministry of Health, Thailand. Through this training programme, he motivated the health professional groups to work among the patients and public to stop smoking by imparting the information on harmful effects of tobacco use.