Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI)

World No Tobacco Day, 31 May 2011

The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

The call to action: implement the WHO FCTC

Call to governments

  • For Parties to the WHO FCTC: Meet all your obligations under the treaty. Pass the necessary legislation, and then enforce it
  • For non-Parties: Prioritize the health of your people by becoming a Party to the WHO FCTC

Call to civil society and nongovernmental organizations

  • Strongly advocate for full implementation of the WHO FCTC

Call to the public

  • Demand that your governments fully comply with their obligations under the WHO FCTC
  • If your government is not yet a Party to the WHO FCTC, mobilize public support and petition your leadership to ratify

Call to WHO, the Conference of the Parties and international partners

  • Fully support countries' implementation of the WHO FCTC
  • Recognize the WHO FCTC as a major instrument in the fight against the epidemic of noncommunicable diseases

The tobacco epidemic poses a formidable challenge to public health and development. But with the WHO FCTC, the odds against mitigating the epidemic are no longer insurmountable, if Parties tirelessly pursue full implementation. By making every day World No Tobacco Day, we stand the biggest chance of achieving what could be the single largest positive impact on health in this century.