Accountability Commission for health of women and children

Delivering on Recommendation 10 of the Commission

20 SEPTEMBER 2011 | NEW YORK - On the issue of global reporting, the Commission proposed a time-limited independent Expert Review Group be established and operate until 2015 reporting regularly to the United Nations Secretary-General on the results and resources related to the Global Strategy and on progress in implementing this Commission's recommendations. Today, on the first anniversary of the launch of the Global Strategy for Women's and Children's Health, Dr Margaret Chan, WHO Director-General, announced the formation of this group and the list of members at the UN Secretary-General's event on the Global Strategy.

The Global Strategy for Women's and Children's Health Report called for the World Health Organization to chair a process to determine the most effective international institutional arrangements for ensuring global reporting, oversight and accountability on women's and children's health.

In response, a Commission on Information and Accountability for Women's and Children's Health was created, which proposed a framework for global reporting, oversight and accountability on women's and children's health. Through ten recommendations presented in its report Keeping Promises, Measuring Results, the Commission has created a system to track whether donations for women's and children's health are made on time, resources are spent wisely and transparently, and whether the desired results are achieved.

The accountability framework proposed by the Commission will:

  • track results and resource flows at global and country levels;
  • identify a core set of indicators and measurement needs for women's and children's health;
  • propose steps to improve health information and registration of vital events - births and deaths - in low-income countries;
  • explore opportunities for innovation in information technology to improve access to reliable information on resources and outcomes.

All information about the Commission and follow-up activities to implement its recommendations is available on the Every Woman Every Child website.

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