85 million people treated for trachoma through expanded access to medicine

Patients recover from trichiasis surgery, Sokoto State, Northwest Nigeria.
©G. Robertson/Sightsavers

13 July 2017 | Geneva –– New data released by the World Health Organization show that more than 85 million people were given antibiotics for trachoma during 2016.

The increase, from 52 million in 2014, is largely attributed to expanded access to donated azithromycin.

Along with this increase, WHO also reports that the annual number of people undergoing trachoma-related eye surgery has nearly doubled over the past three years.

Morocco eliminates trachoma – the leading infectious cause of blindness

Trachoma is known to be a public health problem in 42 countries and is
responsible for blinding or visually impairing
about 1.9 million people © Yasser Rafa

15 November 2016 | Geneva | Marrakech –– The World Health Organization (WHO) has today acknowledged the elimination of trachoma as a public health problem in Morocco – a milestone achieved after more than six decades of sustained control activities.

Morocco joins seven other countries – China, Gambia, Ghana, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mexico, Myanmar and Oman – in eliminating trachoma as a public health problem.

WHO-led alliance receives award for saving the sight of millions

A woman is screened for trichiasis in the district of Sikasso, Mali 2015
© Helen Keller International

28 October 2016 | Geneva | Durban −− The WHO Alliance for the Global Elimination of Trachoma by the year 2020 (GET2020) has received the ‘Global Partnership Award’ in recognition of the remarkable progress achieved over the years with the support of an array of partners.
Trachoma is one of the most debilitating of the neglected tropical diseases and its economic cost is estimated in billions annually.
The award by the ‘International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness’ was announced during its 10th general assembly in Durban, South Africa.