Foreign Policy and Global Health

Preparations for the UN Secretary General’s report to the 64th General Assembly - Agenda item: Global Health and Foreign Policy

Operative paragraph 5 of the UN General Assembly Resolution A/RES/63/33 on Global Health and Foreign Policy "Requests the Secretary-General, in close collaboration with the Director-General of the World Health Organization, and in consultation with Member States, to submit to the General Assembly at its sixty-fourth session, in 2009, a comprehensive report, with recommendations, on challenges, activities and initiatives related to foreign policy and global health, taking into account the outcome of the annual ministerial review to be held by the Economic and Social Council in 2009."

WHO, in close coordination with the office of the UNSG, and in consultation with Member States, has been tasked to take the lead in preparing this report. The core group of seven member countries of the "Foreign Policy and Global Health initiative (FPGH)" that initiated the resolution has offered to assist WHO in facilitating Member State consultations and inputs into the report.

Details of the Member State consultation process will be introduced during the 2009 World Health Assembly regional meetings. The following documents, which provide background information and considerations, may be helpful in guiding Member State discussions during the consultation process.

Specific questions and inputs can be directed to

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- An overview and considerations for consultations (Link to document) [pdf 94kb]
- UN General Assembly Resolution A/RES/63/33 on Global Health and Foreign Policy (Link to document) [pdf 102kb]
- Example of questions for considerations (Link to document) [pdf 9kb]
- Global Health and Foreign Policy - Strategic Opportunities and Challenges: A draft background paper written to provide information and analysis for the consultation process and the report. [Link to document] [pdf 1.20Mb]
- Oslo Ministerial Declaration – global health: a pressing foreign policy issue of our time. Article in The Lancet. Vol 369 - April 21, 2007.[Link to document] [pdf 156kb]

The Foreign Policy and Global Health Initiative (FPGH), launched by the Oslo Ministerial Declaration, and the World Health Organization (WHO) will host a symposium on foreign policy and global health on 12-13 June 2008 at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Geneva. Clik on the following link to know more about background, objectives, and expected outputs of the symposium.


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