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5. Genomics Knowledge

Halla Thorsteinsdottir, Abdallah S Daar, Richard D Smith, Peter A Singer

Promoting & financing genomics

    • Capacity strengthening
    • Facilitating research
    • Public engagement and consensus building
    • Financing genomics production and dissemination

If the 'genomic divide' is to be averted, there is urgent need for strategies at the local, national, regional and global levels to encourage the production, dissemination and use of genomics knowledge more equally. These strategies will involve a mix of government, non-government, private and international bodies, and collaboration will therefore be fundamental, as stressed by several international organisations. Both WHO in its Genomics and World Health Report and UNESCO in its Declaration on the Human Genome and Human Rights place emphasis on several measures to strengthen genomics in developing countries through international co-operation. These include building capacity for genetic research and seeking means to ensure that developing countries benefit from genomic research. Several key strategies, concerning capacity strengthening, research, public engagement and consensus building and financing of genomics, are therefore outlined.