Human African trypanosomiasis


The Sanofi pharmaceutical firm is the result of a merger between Aventis Pharma and Sanofi. As a public partner of WHO an agreement was established in 2001 providing 25 million dollars for 5 years for combating sleeping sickness. The agreement included three major aspect: the provision of three drugs (pentamidine, melarsoprol and eflornithine), support to strengthen surveillance and control and contribution to research projects aiming at the development of new and innovative treatment protocols and drugs. Funds made available were used to ensure drug accessibility, screening of populations at risk through mobile teams, rehabilitation of treatment centres, in-service training at national, regional and international level, epidemiological surveillance, development of human resources, coordination of control activities, dissemination of information, communication and documentation and for the establishment and support of a Sleeping Sickness Treatment and Drug Resistance Network. Funds were also used for research and development through TDR for the development of new drugs and drug combinations. The collaborative agreement was renewed in 2006 and in 2011 up to 2016.