WHO's work with the United Nations

Global health and foreign policy in the UN

Infographic over the recent history of global health and foreign policy.

The General Assembly adopted a 2014 resolution on the “Global health and foreign policy” on 11 December 2014. The resolution focuses on the protection of health workers.

The infographic details the timeline for the Global Health and Foreign Policy process.

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The Global Health and Foreign Policy Initiative was launched by the Oslo Ministerial Declaration in 2007, spearheaded by the foreign ministers of Brazil, France, Indonesia, Norway, Senegal, South Africa and Thailand. These founding Ministers renewed their commitment to the Oslo Ministerial Declaration in 2010.

Starting in 2008, Global Health and Foreign Policy has been a regular item on the UN General Assembly agenda. A report which informs the discussions and responds to the annual resolution is prepared by the WHO Director-General. The reports and resolutions resulting from this initiative consistently explore different areas of collaboration between health and foreign policy, provide recommendations, and contribute to better understanding of the importance of health in international policy and developmental discussions.

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