Global Vaccine Safety

Use of a new global indicator for vaccine safety surveillance


The Global Vaccine Action Plan set a target of minimal reporting ratio of 10 for vaccine safety monitoring for “Number of AEFI reported by country per 100,000 surviving infants per year and per country” as a proxy measure for an established AEFI reporting system in a country. A study was conducted to review AEFI reports communicated each year through the World Health Organization/United Nations Children’s Fund Joint Reporting Form on Immunization from 2000 to 20151. The number of countries with AEFI reporting ratios greater than 10 increased from 8 (4%) in 2000 to 81 (42%) in 2015. In 2015, 60% of countries in the WHO Region of the Americas reported at least 10 AEFI per 100,000 surviving infants, followed by 55% in European Region, 43% in Eastern Mediterranean Region, 33% in Western Pacific Region, 27% in South-East Asia Region and 21% in African Region.