Global Vaccine Safety

Committee reports

7-8 June 2017 meeting

Safety monitoring of the RTS,S vaccine pilot implementation programme; Safety update of BCG vaccine; Safety update of HPV vaccines; Template for reviewing the safety profile of new vaccines.

30 November-1 December 2016 meeting

Vaccine Safety Net; Update on GACVS operations; New data on narcolepsy following the 2009 pandemic influenza vaccine; Safety of typhoid vaccines; Yellow fever mass vaccination campaigns using fractional dose.

15-16 June 2016 meeting

New initiative on health product vigilance; Serious AEFI during primary infant vaccination series in South India; Global Alignment of Immunization safety Assessment in pregnancy (GAIA) project; Dengue vaccine update; Proof-of-concept study through multi-country collaboration.

2-3 December 2015 meeting

Clusters of anxiety-related reactions following immunization; Vaccine safety signals from the Uppsala Monitoring Centre database; RTS,S malaria vaccine; Safety of HPV vaccines; Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 pandemic vaccine and narcolepsy; Safety of smallpox vaccines.

10-11 June 2015 meeting

The WHO Vaccine Safety Net – improving global communication on vaccine safety; Observed rates of adverse vaccine reactions; Safety of two candidate Ebola virus vaccines; Preparing for RTS,S malaria vaccine introduction.

3-4 December 2014 meeting

Preparing for dengue vaccine introduction; Preparing for malaria vaccine introduction; Safety of Ebola virus vaccines; Performance indicators for vaccine safety monitoring systems; Criteria for assessing websites with vaccine safety content; Use of vaccines during pregnancy.

11-12 June 2014 meeting

Safety profile of a novel live attenuated rotavirus vaccine; Safety profile of a recombinant hepatitis E vaccine; Meningococcal A conjugate vaccine during pregnancy; Preparing for malaria vaccine introduction; Fifteen years of GACVS: challenges and opportunities.

11-12 December 2013

Safety profile of Japanese encephalitis (JE) chimeric vaccine; Safety of inactivated poliovirus vaccines (IPV); Increased occurrence of febrile seizures with a seasonal influenza vaccine; Update on intussusception following rotavirus vaccine administration; Human papillomavirus vaccines safety (HPV); Vaccine safety monitoring manual.

12-13 June 2013 meeting

Pentavalent vaccine in Asian countries; Zoster vaccine safety and varicella vaccine safety in immunocompromised populations; Immunization during pregnancy; Yellow Fever vaccine safety during mass immunization campaigns in sub-Saharan Africa; Safety profile of Japanese encepahlitis vaccines; Update on human papillomavirus vaccines;Update on pandemic influenza vaccine (Pandemrix®) and narcolepsy.

5-6 December 2012 meeting

Varicella vaccines; Pandemic Influenza vaccines; Live attenuated dengue vaccines; Global Vaccine Safety Initiative.

6-7 June 2012 meeting

Thiomersal in vaccines; Aluminium adjuvants; Vaccine safety in pregnancy and lactation; Use of influenza vaccines during pregnancy; Causality assessment of Adverse Events following Immunization; Core variables for AEFI monitoring.

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7-8 December 2011 meeting

Safety of influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 vaccines; Rotavirus vaccines and intussusception; Vaccine safety in pregnancy and lactation; Global network for postmarketing surveillance and AEFI monitoring; Implementing the Global Vaccine Safety Blueprint.

15-16 June 2011 meeting

Safety profile of meningococcal A conjugate vaccine; Causes of adverse events following immunization; Information about rates of reactions to vaccines; Developing a global strategy for enhancing vaccine safety;

8-9 December 2010

Rotavirus vaccine and intussusception; Safety of pandemic influenza A(H1N1) 2009 vaccines; Yellow fever vaccine and HIV infection; Meningitis A conjugate vaccine.

16-17 June 2010 meeting

Safety of pandemic A (H1N1) influenza vaccines; Febrile seizures after seasonal influenza vaccine in Australia; Porcine circoviruses and rotavirus vaccines; Live attenuated hepatitis A vaccine; Updated safety of meningococcal A conjugate vaccine; Yellow fever vaccine and breastfeeding.

3-4 December 2009 meeting

Safety of pandemic A (H1N1) influenza vaccines; Review of safety profile on meningococcal A conjugate vaccine from clinical trials; Use of BCG vaccine in HIV-infected infants; Strengthening global monitoring of adverse events following immunization.

17-18 June 2009 meeting

Safety of experimental malaria vaccine RTS,S/AS01; Age of administration of rotavirus vaccines; Safety of human papillomavirus vaccines; Assessing the safety of novel influenza vaccines; Safety of measles vaccine in children infected with HIV.

17-18 December 2008 meeting

Safety of rotavirus vaccines; Safety of human papillomavirus vaccines; Vaccine safety alerts; GACVS subgroups.

18-19 June 2008 meeting

Safety of yellow fever vaccine; Diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine and asthma; Non-specific effects of DTP vaccine on child mortality; Pregnancy outcomes after inadvertent immunization with rubella vaccine; Mitochondrial diseases and vaccination;Thiomersal; Report from subgroups.

12-13 December 2007 meeting

Guillain-Barré syndrome and vaccination; Safety of immunization in immunocompromised individuals; Safety of yellow fever vaccines; Hepatitis B vaccination and rheumatoid arthritis; Safety of live 14-14-2 Japanese encephalitis vaccine; Safety of meningococcal B vaccines; Rotavirus vaccines and Kawasaki disease; Modus operandi of the committee and additional information.

12-13 June 2007 meeting

Monitoring vaccine safety; Safety of vaccine formulations; Mumps vaccine virus strain repository; Safety of BCG vaccines; Safety of human papillomavirus vaccine; Update on Menactra® and Guillain-Barré syndrome; Safety of rotavirus vaccines; Influenza vaccines: update; Modus operandi of the Committee and additional information.

29-30 November 2006 meeting

Monitoring vaccine safety; Report of the WHO Expert Committee on Biological Standardization; Safety of vaccine formulations; Vaccinating adolescents and young adults: problems with coincidental pathologies and safety assessments; Safety of mumps vaccine strains; Safety of BCG vaccine in HIV-infected children; Update on Menactra® and Guillain-Barré syndrome; Pandemic influenza vaccines; Safety of Japanese encephalitis vaccination in India; Safety of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine.

6-7 June 2006 meeting

Vaccine safety monitoring and the WHO Programme for International Drug Monitoring; Post-marketing surveillance of rotavirus vaccines; Safety of squalene; Immunogenic overload; Safety of pandemic influenza vaccines; Safety issues of varicella vaccines; Modus operandi of the Committee and additional information

1-2 December 2005 meeting

Vaccine Safety Net; Safety issues associated with pandemic influenza vaccines; Safety of adjuvants; Rotavirus vaccine safety; Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis and measles vaccination; Chronic fatigue syndrome and hepatitis B vaccination; Conjugate meningococcal vaccine and Guillain-Barré Syndrome; Modus operandi of the Committee.

9-10 June 2005 meeting

Mouse brain-derived Japanese encephalitis vaccine; Safety of SA 14-14-2 Japanese encephalitis vaccine; Isoniazid resistance of bacille Calmette-Guérin strains; International drug monitoring; Thiomersal; Safety of hexavalent vaccines; Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis and measles vaccination; National regulatory authorities planning workshops.

2-3 December 2004 meeting

Safety of adjuvants; Thiomersal: neurobehavioural studies on animal models; Safety of residual cellular DNA in vaccines; Transmissible spongiform encephalopathy; Potential risk of vaccines produced on yeast; Safety of hexavalent vaccines; Yellow fever; Vaccine Safety Net.

10-11 June 2004 meeting

Safety of adjuvants; Dengue vaccine safety; Effect of diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP) vaccination on child survival

3–4 December 2003 meeting

Intranasal influenza virus vaccine; Influenzae vaccines and neurological complications; Influenza vaccination of women during pregnancy; Nonspecific effects of childhood immunization; Safety issues in the poliomyelitis eradication campaign; International reference laboratory for mumps virus isolates; Yellow fever vaccine safety; BCG immunization in HIV-positive subjects; Safety of smallpox vaccination; Switch from rubella vaccine to mumps, measles and rubella vaccine; Aluminium-containing vaccines and macrophagic myofasciitis.

11-12 June 2003 meeting

Adverse events following mumps vaccination; Safety of smallpox vaccines; Safety of BCG vaccination in immunocompromised individuals; Thiomersal

16-17 December 2002 meeting

MMR and autism; Oculorespiratory syndrome; Hepatitis B vaccination and leukaemia

20-21 June 2002 meeting

Safety of thiomersal-containing vaccines; Hepatitis B vaccine and leukaemia; Hepatitis B vaccine and multiple sclerosis; Aluminium-containing vaccines and macrophagic myofasciitis; Bell palsy following intranasal vaccination; Potential adverse impact of routine vaccination on child survival

23 March 2001

Causality assessment of adverse events following immunization

15 October 1999

About GAVCS; Macrophagic myofasciitis and aluminium-containing vaccines

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