Global Vaccine Safety

Safety of adjuvants

Extract from report of GACVS meeting of 1-2 December 2005, published in the WHO Weekly Epidemiological Record on 13 January 2006

Adjuvant safety and the use of preclinical models to assess adjuvant safety were due to be discussed at the WHO conference on adjuvants on 4–8 December 2005. A WHO web site on adjuvants in clinical evaluation including adjuvant safety, with a database of clinical trials, will be made available shortly.

Since a squalene-containing adjuvant is already used for one already licensed flu vaccine, and is also a candidate adjuvant for pandemic influenza vaccines, it would be important to assure the safety of squalene in that context. An authoritative information source on adjuvants, including a review of the scientific data to support adjuvant safety for vaccines that might be used in pandemic influenza vaccine, should be developed.