Global Vaccine Safety

Content, quality and quantity (Mandatory criteria)

  • Websites should provide a clear statement of the source for scientific, medical and health information, including author's name, affiliations and any potential conflicts of interest the authors may have related to the content.
  • The date of last review or update should be clearly indicated on each webpage. The website should be updated as new information becomes available.
  • The website should include a statement of the procedure used for selection of site content, including a guarantee of the independence of the editorial process, the names and affiliations of the Editorial Board, and any review process.
  • Writing on the website should be professional, with proper grammar, spelling, and composition. Language should be clear, easy to read, and appropriate for intended users.
  • Hypertext links to other resources should be carefully selected and their content accurate, current, and credible.
  • Websites should promote good immunization practices and include all reasonable sides of controversial issues in a fair way.

Last update:

1 December 2015 10:08 CET