Global Vaccine Safety

Language: German

Audience: German-speaking health-care professionals, the media and interested members of the public

The aim of this web site is to be an essential source of latest news on vaccines and vaccination. It includes background on vaccine-preventable diseases and vaccine safety and scares. Information on payment of expenses related to vaccination within the German health-care system is also available. Obstacles to immunization are openly addressed. The latest scientific findings from literature or conferences are briefly described. Detailed reviews are provided by members of the web site's scientific board or guest authors. Comments from editors or members of the scientific board are published to help readers' understanding. The site provides links to original sources wherever possible.

Easy access is given to data on measles cases and measles vaccination for every German state. Much of the content of the site is only available on payment of a subscription fee, which is used to cover operating costs. Subscribers may submit vaccine queries to the scientific board for response. A newsletter and several articles are available free of charge every month.

The site is systematically updated on a monthly basis. Additional news items are posted as the need arises.

Date of primary evaluation: September 2008

Date of most recent evaluation: February 2013