Violence and Injury Prevention and Disability (VIP)

Regional Offices

WHO South-East Asia Region

Chamaiparn Santikarn
Regional Adviser, SEARO

Disability/Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation Disability/Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation
Phone: +91 11 23370804
Fax numbers: +91 11 23379507,
23370197 or 23379395

Dr Santikarn studied medicine at Chiangmai University in Thailand and completed an MPH at Tulane University, USA. Before joining SEARO, she was Senior Expert in Preventive Medicine,in the Noncommunicable Diseases Bureau, Ministry of Public Health in Thailand. She was also the Vice-Chairperson of the Subcommittee on Measures for Helmets, Road Safety Directing Centre, Prime Minister Office in Thailand. She was the leader of the national coordinating team in developing and maintaining an injury surveillance system in Thailand, which began operating in January 1995. The surveillance system has served well as an important tool for policy makers to monitor injury and disability prevention in the country. It has recently started a research to identify incidence of disability among the severely injured from road safety reported in the surveillance database.

Dr Santikarn is a member of a WHO technical committee preparing the World report on child and adolescent injury prevention; developed curriculum and provided instructions in “The International Training in Injury Surveillance” in Thailand; and managed the national programme to promote child motorcycle helmets “Helmet for kids, with love and care”.

A Regional Advisor for Injury and Violence Prevention in the South-East Asia region, Dr Santikarn works with Member States to develop and strengthen their injury and violence prevention policies and programmes. She is engaged in developing the capacity within countries to plan and implement interventions to reduce injuries and their consequences, particularly in the fields of road traffic and violence. She is also responsible for disability prevention and care, and for strengthening rehabilitation services, prevention of blindness, aging and hearing care in Member States.