Violence and Injury Prevention

Trauma care quality improvement

This course seeks to promote better understanding of quality improvement in trauma care and to provide training on straightforward and practical techniques, such as preventable death reviews.


Participants will learn about the benefits of trauma quality improvement programmes such as better care and decreased rates of complications, morbidity, and mortality. They will also gain an understanding of how quality improvement in trauma care has been implemented in hospitals of different size and different countries globally.

Who can benefit

The course is designed for individuals directly involved with the provision of trauma services as clinicians or in an administrative capacity. Examples include:

  • Hospital administrators
  • Heads of trauma services
  • Clinicians active in provision of trauma care and with a role in organizing trauma services

Clinicians providing trauma care, senior paramedic staff and disaster planning personnel would also benefit from the course.


The course is designed to be delivered over 2-3 days.

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