Violence and Injury Prevention

Applying for a mentorship

Applications for MENTOR-VIP are now closed. Applications to be mentored during the 2018-2019 period will be open on this webpage from February 5, 2018 through May 4, 2018.

Process of applying to MENTOR-VIP

The link at the bottom of this page will take candidates who are applying for a mentorship to an online application form. Please note that this is the application for individuals wishing to be mentored and not for individuals who are interested in applying to serve as mentors. Individuals who would like to indicate their interest to serve as a mentor should follow the instructions provided to the final question in the Frequently Asked Questions about MENTOR-VIP - the link for this section of this website is given immediately below.

The Core Group will consider only one application per candidate and there are a limited number of mentorships awarded each year. Furthermore the application form can only be filled out once. Therefore WHO encourages all candidates to prepare their application carefully in advance.

In order to help candidates submit the best possible candidatures all candidates are advised to read carefully the Frequently Asked Questions accessible through the link below and then follow carefully the steps outlined in the Application Checklist before beginning the online submission process.

Application Checklist

In order to prepare to fill out your application for MENTOR-VIP, and make the application as strong as possible, review and follow the recommended steps provided in the following checklist.

Ensure you have read carefully the following 3 documents:

Prepare to be able to provide the following type of information which will be requested on the application form:

  • Full contact information for yourself including a valid email address which will be how you will be contacted. If you do not have a valid email address you will need to establish one before you submit your application.
  • Full contact information for any institution with which you are affiliated.
  • The language or languages in which you would be prepared to communicate during a mentorship.
  • Bibliographic references for what you feel are your most important five peer-reviewed publications in the injury field if you have published in the injury and violence field.
  • Your ranking of the 3 skill categories of MENTOR-VIP that you feel are most important to you.
  • Two text entries are requested that will require thought and preparation. One should provide a brief description of your major achievements to date in the injury and violence field. The second should provide a brief description of why you feel you should receive a mentorship and what your expectations of MENTOR-VIP are.

The two brief descriptions asked for in point 6 above will be assessed by the Core Group on the basis of the first 500 words only. Additional text will not be considered.

Take the time to prepare in advance a concise, well written response of 500 words or less to these two questions before beginning the online submission process. Also please recognize that these two written responses allow the Core Group to develop a clear idea of your motivation to be mentored and your commitment to the injury and violence prevention field. As such, your response to these two questions are an important part of strengthening your application.

The Core Group will meet once annually and review all applications received within the application deadlines. The selection decisions of the Core Group to award mentorships are final. The Core Group's evaluation of applications to MENTOR-VIP will be guided by the following criteria:

  • Evidence of commitment to, and accomplishment within, the field of injury and violence prevention.
  • Evidence of a need for mentoring through MENTOR-VIP not currently being met by alternative resources available to the candidate.
  • Prior or current training and educational qualifications. In general candidates who are currently in a highly resourced environment (e.g. current PhD candidates) will not be viewed as having a need for mentoring through MENTOR-VIP owing to the alternative resources available to the candidate.
  • Evidence of potential for making a local, national or regional contribution to the field of injury and violence prevention.
  • Evidence of an institutional affiliation and a professional base from which the candidate is seeking to contribute to the field of injury and violence prevention.
  • Representation of regional, disciplinary, and gender diversity amongst selected candidates.
  • Concordance of candidate's interests, skills development needs and motivation with those of the available mentor or mentors.
  • Concordance of the overall mentee selection with the overall principles and objectives of the MENTOR-VIP programme.