Violence and Injury Prevention

TEACH-VIP E-Learning

TEACH-VIP E-Learning is a comprehensive injury and violence prevention curriculum developed for self-paced, self-administered training online. It has been adapted from the facilitator-based training curriculum TEACH-VIP.

TEACH-VIP E-Learning provides training on a broad range of topics related to understanding and preventing injuries and violence. It includes extensive content on using data to understand injury problems; details the current knowledge around leading injury and violence problems; and covers the development of evidence-based programmes to address them. TEACH-VIP E-Learning is suitable for a wide range of audiences, including public health professionals and care providers; staff of public health ministries and those in government sectors relevant to injury prevention; officials from non-governmental organizations and others interested in increasing their knowledge base in injury and violence prevention.

The self-paced curriculum is comprised of 20 lessons that can be customized to accommodate individual needs and schedules. Each lesson can be completed in approximately one hour and include a variety of self assessment quizzes to measure how well users have understood the training content. Each lesson also provides optional activities designed to be completed offline as well as providing reference readings for each lesson and full online access to key selected resources for each lesson.

TEACH-VIP E-Learning lessons are organized into four categories: Foundations and methods - covering general principles, measurement and data collection issues; Unintentional injuries - including, among other topics, road traffic injuries, burns, drowning, and falls; Violence and intentional injuries - including, among other topics, child maltreatment, youth violence, and suicide; and Societal responses to injury and violence - addressing trauma care, disability and rehabilitation, and advocacy for injury prevention.

Printer-friendly versions of TEACH-VIP E-Learning lessons and almost all of the publications in the resources section of each lesson can be downloaded, printed, used offline, or distributed in electronic or print formats using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. The course is also available in CD-ROM format.

TEACH-VIP E-Learning online

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