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Overview of core course content

The core curriculum contains of 21 lessons, organized into eight sections. Each lesson takes approximately 1 hour classroom time to teach. The core lessons consist of a broad overview of the fundamentals of injury prevention and are described in the table below.

Description of lessons in the core curriculum

Core curriculum
Section Lesson Lesson topics
I. Foundation and fundamentals of injury prevention, control and safety promotion 1 Injury prevention: General principles
  2 Measurement of injuries
II. Injury information systems (surveillance and surveys) 3 Introduction to injury surveillance I
  4 Introduction to injury surveillance II
  5 Introduction to community survey methods
III. Methods for studying injury prevention, control and safety promotion 6 Studying injuries: Research methods I
  7 Studying injuries: Research methods II
IV. Ethical issues in injury prevention, control and safety promotion 8 Ethical issues in the injury field
V. Applications of injury prevention, control and safety promotion 9 Road traffic injuries
  10 Other injuries: falls, burns, drowning, poisoning, and animal-related injuries
  11 Introduction to intentional injuries
  12 Child and elder abuse and neglect
  13 Gender-based violence I
  14 Gender-based violence II
  15 Youth violence and collective violence
  16 Self-inflicted injuries
  17 Injuries in the workplace
VI. Injury care and rehabilitation 18 Application of care and rehabilitation strategies to injuries
VII. Inter-disciplinary approach to injury prevention 19 The multidisciplinary nature of injuries: the role of education, law, economics, and other disciplines
VIII. Policy development and advocacy 20 Injury prevention: Policy development and advocacy
Optional: Internet resources on injuries 21 Internet resources on injuries

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