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  Injuries and violence prevention
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Curriculum overview

The curriculum consists of 21 "core" lessons and 39 "advanced" lessons, of one hour classroom time each. The core lessons consist of a broad overview of the fundamentals of injury prevention. The advanced lessons are organized into 13 modules; each module containing 3 lessons. The advanced lessons cover the topics of the core module in greater detail, with more emphasis on the lessons that cover specialized context areas in injury prevention and control. This modular structure has proven to be effective in communicating complex health related topics.

The course objectives are defined as follows:

  • To identify the basic principles of injury prevention, control and safety promotion
  • To differentiate basic methods to study injury problems in the community
  • To diagnose problems from a multidisciplinary perspective
  • To design, implement and evaluate injury prevention and safety promotion interventions
  • To identify and compare effective injury prevention and control interventions (products, programs, policies)
  • To identify relevant sources of information (scientific literature, guidelines and recommendations, summaries of research, web sites) and critically appraise them
  • To advocate for injury prevention in communities
  • To practice injury prevention control and safety promotion based on universally accepted ethical principles

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