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Package of TEACH-VIP materials

From September 2005 the training materials for TEACH-VIP will be available as a package of materials, including a CD-ROM and related publications. Each individual lesson of the TEACH-VIP curriculum is supplemented by a series of institutional instructor and class materials, including the following three components:

  • A PowerPoint presentation for the training audience providing visual reinforcement
  • A Microsoft-Word document for students providing core competencies and objectives for each lesson, slide materials, required and suggested readings and references, and sample questions.
  • A Microsoft-Word document for instructors providing additional material: slide notes for each teaching slide and full references, including an annex to each lesson with full text abstracts, and responses to sample questions.

The package of materials will contain a brochure about TEACH-VIP, the TEACH-VIP curriculum, a manual for users, and additional capacity building resources.

- Order the TEACH-VIP training materials

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