Violence and Injury Prevention

Archive of VIP webinars

VIP Webinars are recorded during the presentation. Afterwards, the digital media file is optimized so that it can be viewed easily, even in parts of the world without a high speed Internet connection. Once optimized, the webinars are stored on the WHO website and are categorized according to topic as below.

Clicking on the relevant category link below will take you to all webinars pertaining to that topic. Clicking on the individual links for a given webinar will play the recording of the webinar. Computer speakers will be required to hear the audio of the recording. When presenters have given their permission, the original file of the presentation used during the webinar is also provided.

Child injury prevention

Presenter: Dr Fred Rivara

Violence prevention

Presenter: Dr Karen Hughes

Injury surveillance

Presenter: James Harrison

Sexual and intimate partner violence

Presenter: Rachel Jewkes

Safe medications

Presenter: Nerida Smith

Evaluation consideration

Presenter: Shrikant Bangdiwala

Suicide prevention

Presenter: Lakshmi Vijayakumar


Presenters: Gerben de Jong and Tom Shakespeare

Violence in the city

Presenter: Alys Willman

Tranexamic acid

Presenter: Ian Roberts

Motorcycle helmets on heads in Viet Nam

Presenter: Jonathon Passmore

VIP short courses

Presenters: Alex Butchart; Berit Kieselbach; Christopher Mikton

Mobilizing action to address violence against children: national surveys in Swaziland and Tanzania

Presenter: James Mercy

Child maltreatment prevention

Presenters: Christopher Mikton and Hariet MacMillan

How to prevent violence: the Cardiff model

Presenter: Jon Shepherd