Violence and Injury Prevention

Tables, figures and maps

The following is a selection of tables, figures and maps from the World report on child injury prevention. The French versions only contain the figure. If in need of the data or designer files to reprint the fact sheets, please contact Laura Sminkey at


Injuries represent a large proportion of child deaths, in particular for older children
Child injuries are a growing global public health problem. They are a significant area of concern from the age of one year. Among older children they represent almost half of the deaths. (...)

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About 2270 children die every day as a result of an unintentional injury
Injury and violence are a major killer of children under the age of 18 years throughout the world responsible for approximately 950 000 deaths. About 90%, or 830 000, of these deaths are categorized as "unintentional". (...)

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Unintentional injuries are leading causes of death for children
After the age of 1 year, unintentional injuries, particularly road traffic injuries, drowning and fire-related burns become significant contributors to the leading causes of death among children and teenagers. (...)

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Child injuries are strongly related to social determinants
The burden of injury on children is unequal. Children in poorer countries and those from poorer families in better-off countries are the most vulnerable. (...)

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Key data per injury

Road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death among 10–19 year olds
More than 260 000 children and teenagers die from a road traffic injury each year. (...)

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Drowning is the leading cause of child death in many countries in the Western Pacific and some countries in South-East Asia
More than 175 000 children and teenagers die from drowning each year – that is approximately 480 children per day. (...)

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Burns are the only child injury which occur more commonly in girls than boys
More than 95 000 children and teenagers die from burns each year – that is approximately 262 children per day. (...)

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Falls among children are the leading cause of presentation to an emergency department
Nearly 47 000 children and teenagers die from falls each year – that is approximately 129 children per day. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. (...)

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Substances found in and around the home are most commonly involved in childhood poisoning English [pdf 90kb]
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Over 45 000 children and teenagers die from poisoning each year – that is approximately 123 children per day. Many millions of calls are made to poison control centres, most of which are resolved over the phone. (...)

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Applying key approaches will save children's lives
There is no single blueprint for success, but a number of basic principles underlie most of the successful child injury prevention programmes around the world. (...)

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Implementing proven interventions could save MORE THAN 1000 children's lives per day

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