Violence and Injury Prevention

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2270 children die from injuries every day.
More than 1000 children could be saved every day if proven injury prevention measures were applied worldwide.

WHO / P Virot

Road traffic injuries

2270 children die from injuries every day.
Seat-belts, helmets, car seats, bicycle and pedestrian lanes, daytime running lights, speed limits, drinking and driving laws, and graduated driver licensing prevent road traffic injuries.

WHO / T Toroyan
WHO / T Toroyan
WHO / T Toroyan
WHO / M Peden


480 children die from drowning every day.
Life jackets, fencing around swimming pools, covering water hazards and prompt first aid prevent drowning.

Marine Safety Victoria


260 children die from burns every day.
Smoke alarms, child-resistant lighters and hot-water temperature regulators prevent burns while dedicated burns centres reduce their consequences.

J Ozanne Smith
K McGee
WHO / P Virot


130 children die from falls every day.
Window guards, standards for playground equipment, and specially designed children's products prevent falls.

R Simpson
WHO / T Toroyan


125 children die from poisoning every day.
Safe storage of toxic agents, child-resistant packaging, distributing medication in non-lethal quantities and poison control centres prevent poisoning.

WHO / C Black
L Matzopoulos

World report on child injury prevention